I can't Google App Enginering my blog

I can't Google App Enginering my blog

Published July 26, 2015 in Cloud, Deployment - Last update on July 26, 2015.

A long time ago before Google launched Google Cloud Platform, I played with App Engine and Django. Despite of the fact you must swith from Django usual tools (Celery or ORM) to Google services like Memcache or Task Queue, I was seduced by their fast deployment system.

A standard Django app is fastly adaptable to App Engine, a simple app.yaml and I'm getting started to use my webapp. Google tries to hide every Ops work with all their differents services:

  • Front End: Edge of an App, it uses Google's datacenters to handle requests and cache response closest to users
  • App Engine: Scalable middleware and load balancer between statics and application instances
  • Datastore: Read-only highly scalable SQL-Like database
  • Task Queue: Asynchronous tasks and cron tabs
  • Cloud storage: Object storage
  • More and more

Nowadays, I tried to deploy my blog in Google App Engine but:

$ appcfg.py -A myblog-123 update myblog
Usage: appcfg.py [options] update  | [file, ...]

appcfg.py: error: Error parsing myblog/app.yaml: django version "1.8" is not supported, use one of: "1.2", "1.3", "1.4", "1.5" or "latest" ("latest" recommended for development only)
  in "myblog/app.yaml", line 18, column 1.

They stopped at Django 1.5 which has last commit on November 2014. Really really scary... Maybe we could say they left for dead App Engine


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