Store my pics on cloud

Store my pics on cloud

Published March 22, 2016 in Cloud, Deployment - Last update on March 22, 2016.

It's been now more than 4 month I've bought my Fujifilm X-T10 (and it's so cooool) and would like to put my photos on cloud and access them anywhere I want. I would like to store photos in raw JPEG format (4-10MB per photo) and thumbnails for preview.

As many people endorse this solution I have a preference for CloudFront. But the real question is "Who has the best pricing ?". It makes me come back to when I worked for and had the job to compare them. Let's make it again !

What should I compare

The primary things are : The price, how much does it cost and Who is the cheaper ?

Pricing benchmark have several factors in cloud object storage:

  • File storing: In GB per month
  • Outgoing traffic: Can be measured in number of HTTP(s) requests per month, or GB transfered. In my case it will be traffic between this platform and CloudFront
  • Ingoing traffic: The same

In a simple table

I haven't search a lot as except AWS & Google, most of cloud providers can't compete with this low prices. 

  Storage (in $/GB) Outgoing traffic (in $/GB) Operations (in $/10000)
Amazon S3+CloudFront  0.030  0,085  0.004 + 0,012
Google Cloud Storage  0.026  0.120  0.100
Dropbox  Free (until 16GB)  Free  Free
OVH  0.010  0,010 (+0.02 CloudFront)  Free (+0.012 CloudFront)


I took the issue with a developer's eye and searched who can store my files with the cheaper cost. Before make an ultimate choice I search a solution as a photograph and result: I choose Flickr. And I should list their advantages between them and classic object storages:

  • Free until 1TB
  • No inbound/outbound traffic charges
  • No operations charges
  • Free CDN
  • Thumbnail system
  • Social network about photography
  • Integration with many devices types (iPhone, Android, Mac)

A photograph won't understand technical attributes and maybe won't want to pay for them. He/She probably won't know what are the benefits of thumbnails and CDN. But me as an IT professionnal, I see a cloud with "Free" everywhere and advanced features for large image files.


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