Docker at RunAbove with SailAbove

Docker at RunAbove with SailAbove

Published July 8, 2015 in Cloud, Deployment, Docker - Last update on July 12, 2015.

In the Docker tsnuami where we are, most cloud company has their own public container offer:

Those services are stiil often in Beta or Alpha and for begin a turn around of this Docker compatible offers, I started by SailAbove, RunAbove's Docker platform.


Basicaly SailAbove allows to instantly run a container and expose its ports on a public DNS. RunAbove has its Docker Image registry and its own DNS server for provide domain name to users. Client side, there's not yet a web interface, only Python command named sail which imitates docker and docker-compose plus actions in their API.

On paper SailAbove it's:

  • A public Docker service
  • A private Docker images repository
  • Integrated load balancer named Predictor
  • Docker-compose integration

Let's play

As seen in previous article Dockerizing and Docker-composing my blog, my image will be a uWSGI service and I can compose a full stack with compose. No need to create a test image, my blog is made for.

Firstly go to and sign up to the SailAbove's test program. After, branch your docker client to SailAbove's registry:

# docker login
Username: zulupro
WARNING: login credentials saved in /root/.dockercfg.
Login Succeeded

Next step, I push my image to RunAbove, do not forget to build your image with a tag (repository name with -t):

# docker build -t myblog .
# docker tag myblog
# docker push

Add a service and consult it.

# sail services add zulupro/myblog myblog
# nc -zv 3031
Warning: inverse host lookup failed for Unknown host [] 3031 (?) open

 In French: Frais !

What's new beside Docker ? Like several Docker platform, SailAboves use the concept of service for inquire informations about scaling, HA, network, etc:

# sail services inspect myblog
attached_domains: []
container_environment: []
container_model: x1
  public: true
  zulupro/private: true
container_number: 1
    state: running
creation_date: 2015-07-08T20:13:00.856728
deployment_date: 2015-07-08T20:16:49.668545
image: aa6b4154399e153f3d4e07b371176ec5fa34513123f0f71f6a6490f78de2b059
linked_from_service: {}
linked_to_service: {}
name: myblog
pool: public
repository: zulupro/myblog
repository_tag: latest
restart_policy: no
state: running

Compose aka fig

Docker-compose and RunAbove it's:

# sail compose up zulupro
[fig] Parsing fig file
Failed to up compose : Image build support is not supported for now

In other words NotImplementedError or API doesn't support yet docker-compose. It will be maybe an another article but for now composing can be made manualy with sail services command and its options..



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