Docker-composing my blog

Docker-composing my blog

Published July 5, 2015 in Docker - Last update on July 7, 2015.

As said in previous post about Docker, my blog's Docker Image is only a middleware container. It needs to be launch with a frontend, a database and optionnaly a cache. A solution for get ready to play with a full containerized architecture is docker-compose, with it I followed micro-services architecturing and only define one service by container.

Docker-compose (previously fig) act as services manager, you create a docker-compose.yml and it use it to create sets of containers, volume sharing and network links. See my docker-compose.yml file, explaination are after:

  image: mariadb
    - /opt/mysql:/var/lib/mysql:rw
    - extras/docker-compose/my.cnf:/etc/mysql/my.cnf:ro
  env_file: extras/docker-compose/compose.env

  image: redis

  build: .
  command: myblog collectstatic --noinput
    - extras/docker-compose/myblog.cfg:/myblog.cfg:ro
    - static
    - BLOG_CONFIG_FILE=/myblog.cfg

  build: .
  command: uwsgi --ini /uwsgi.ini
    - database
    - cache
    - extras/docker-compose/myblog.cfg:/myblog.cfg:ro
    - media

  image: nginx
    - "80:80"
    - "443:443"
    - extras/docker-compose/nginx_site.conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:ro
    - extras/docker-compose/nginx_media.conf:/etc/nginx/conf.d/media.conf:ro
    - extras/docker-compose/ssl-certs:/ssl/:ro
    - static
    - middleware
    - middleware


Based on MariaDB, I mount inside MySQL configuration and a persistent database. MySQL/MariaDB images use environment variables for set database credentials, mine is extras/docker-compose/compose.env.


 A simple base Redis image


This is a data container based on my blog's image. It gathers all static files taken from collectstatic. I mount a custom configuration file and defined /static as a shared volume.


Based on my blog's image, it is the real middleware service which use uWSGI for serve my project. Middleware must have network links with cache and database. I mount the same configuration file and define /media as shared volume.


It is an Nginx container exposing ports 80 and 443. It has a network link only with middleware and has shared volumes from middleware (media) and static. I mount SSL keys and nginx sites configuration.

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