Anthony Monthe

Cloud Researcher

A hacker, Pythoner, computer whisperer, Djangonaute, Computer scientist, Cloud pratician, Dev[Ops], Shell bilingual, Free software lover, Regular expressionist, tortured by JS, AZERTY pianist and Web creator.


Location: Portugal

Phone: +351 935 958 249




My expertise is primarily based on Python and Django and as Full-stack Developer I'm able to manage scalable architectures based on Linux and/or Cloud. I also have a great background in System administration which make me naturally learn DevOps tools such as Docker or Ansible.

Cloud computing

Public cloud Libcloud AWS Google Cloud Google App Engine Azure Openstack Runabove Cloudstack Orange Cloud Business Outscale Rackspace Ikoula Gandi Numergy IBM Softlayer Joyent Digital Ocean Aruba IT Heroku CloudSigma 1&1 Cloudwatt CenturyLink Alibaba Cloud Dimension Data

Data science

Hadoop NumPy pandas scikit-learn OpenCV Dask Spark TensorFlow Keras

Database and cache

Redis Memcached MySQL MariaDB Percona PostgreSQL MongoDB


Docker Fabric Ansible Puppet Vagrant OpenVZ


Python Celery AWK Jinja Sphinx Scapy ReportLab Git SQLAlchemy

Frontend development

CSS3 HTML5 Javascript Bootstrap Pure Modernizr jQuery Highcharts D3.js Select2 Angular

Network administration

TCP/IP Cisco iptables OpenVPN

Supervision and benchmark

Nagios Cacti Numeter SNMP NRPE sysbench FIO SPEC CPU2006 vdbench HiBench SPEC CPU2017 Geekbench 3 Geekbench 4 IPerf3

System administration

Linux Shell Debian Ubuntu Red Hat CoreOS OS X Apache Nginx HAProxy uWSGI Gunicorn RabbitMQ Squid Postfix Zimbra Centreon OpenLDAP GLPI Samba NFS ProFTPd

Test and continious integration

nose Coverage Twine GitLab Gitolite Jenkins CircleCI Travis CI Coveralls Sauce Labs tox Selenium Snap-CI Semaphore Codeship Solano CI Shippable wercker Magnum-CI Codecov Code Climate Lanscape Codacy Gemnasium AppVeyor Drone.IO

Web development

Django Django REST framework Tastypie Flask Zinnia Varnish NodeJS PhantomJS Wordpress Mediawiki Semantic Django Channels Drupal


Most of my jobs was hybrid between Linux system administration and Python development. Generally recruited as Admin, I always used programming for make my work easier and more efficient. This defines me today as a Full-Stack Developer.

Founder at Cloud Mercato

Febuary 2020

CTO at Cloud Spectator

April 2019 to Febuary 2020

Principal Engineer at Cloud Spectator

May 2017 to Febuary 2019

Design, creation and implementation of Cloud Transparency Platform.

Python Developer at Gandi

January 2016 to May 2016

Developing API for IaaS infrastructure

Full-Stack Developer at Eau de Web

September 2016 to January 2017

- Improved docker-compose stacks
- Front-end enhancement
- NodeJS backend developer

Lead Developer UX at Outscale

July 2015 to October 2015

In charge of all web projects:
Cloud Web dashboard maintenance
Principal reviewer and best practices evangelist
Unit tests and continious integrator

Full-Stack Developer at

December 2013 to May 2015

Create and implement framework for benchmark cloud providers
Design WebUI for analyze and compare cloud's performances
Alpha/Beta tests and troubleshooting for private/public clouds
Create a cloud broker dealing with more than 15 providers
Develop an object storage benchmark framework

DevOps at eNovance from Red Hat

Febuary 2013 to July 2015

Linux and network administration:
Level 2/3 support with on-call
Installation, maintenance and evolution of customers' platform
AWS, Google Cloud Platform and OpenStack administration
Replace Numeter's CakePHP WebUI by a Django one
Create DevOps tools for ease customers' workload

GNU/Linux Trainer at AJC Formation

December 2012 to January 2013

GNU administration commands and stream handling
Installation and administration of MySQL
Bash scripting
Miscellaneous administrator tools (screen, vim, etc)

System analyst at Autolib'

September 2011 to October 2012

Linux and network administration:
Level 1/2 support with Linux/Windows platform
Writing installation and operations documentation
WebUI interfacing Nagios and GLPI
Writing Nagios/NRPE/SNMP tests

System and network Administrator at Security Keepers

January 2011 to September 2011

Datacenter operator:
Bare metals and network streams daily check
Maintenance of current networks
Assembly machine under Debian/OpenBSD
System administration:
Maintenance of Unix/Linux services
Internationnal support


I began my computer sciences studies very young with a French professional cursus. These six years learned me most requirements for Dev and Ops jobs: OSI model, System engineering, Relational algebra and Oriented Object Programming.

Bachelor in Computer sciences

Febuary 2013

Object-oriented programming with Java and Python
Linux system and network administration
Relational database management system with Oracle and MySQL

Higher technician certificate in System and network

June 2011

Linux system administration
Relational algebra and SQL
Algorithmics and PHP programming
Shell scripting

Professional baccalaureate in System and network

June 2009

TCP/IP stack and OSI model
Cisco switches and routers management
Linux system and network administration
Windows Server administration
Virtual networks (VPN, VLAN)

Patent of professional Studies in Electronic sciences

June 2007

Analog and digital electronic
Programming on 68HC11


I'm really involved in Open source contributing especially around Python, Django and Cloud. I'm frequently contribute for add Python 3 compatibility, tests and continuous integration. I also make patches for implement features which my society or I need.


January 2014

- Added Cloudwatt Driver
- Added RunAbove Driver
- Added OVH Driver
- Added Gandi compute features
- Maintain tests and CI
- Maintain AWS instance types and regions
- Many small improvements on various drivers


May 2017

Project owner


January 2015

Working as developer/administrator,
- Made agnostic dump/restore system
- Adapted to Django's Storage API
- Increased code coverage from 0 to 95%
- Added functional tests with all default DB engines
- Implement Travis CI to test most versions of Python/Django


September 2015

- Added API endpoints
- Added documention

Django Storages

April 2015

Added DropBox driver
Improved FTP & SFTP drivers
Update documentation
Added unit tests

Flickr Pony

April 2016

Project creator and owner


April 2016

- Increase test coverage from 15 to 95%
- Add FR translation


May 2016

Project maintainer:
Implement SEO notions: Visitor, recency, etc
Added Geolocalisation
Added tracking


April 2016

Project administrator and maintainer

Pony Admin

June 2016

Project author:
- Made Admin hack for handle every listing
- Created code for storage, cloud administration and more


August 2016

- PEP8-ize code
- Unit test and CI
- Bugfixes and improvements
- French translation


November 2016

Project creator


November 2016

Project creator


December 2016

Project creator


January 2017

Make core more flexible with:
- Customization of each parts
- Operation limits
- Environment data handling


December 2017

Class based views


October 2017

- Pypi integration
- Django app integration
- Added unit test
- Added admin interface


January 2018

Added Table Factory


Febuary 2018

Improved several providers


December 2018

Project creator


January 2019

Project author

Floating Point Benchmark

October 2019



June 2013 to Febuary 2014

- Replaced PHPCake WebUI with a Django one
- Created full mock backend for ease development
- Added agnostic charts API


March 2016

Unit tests and CI

Django Scheduler

June 2016

Improved global and French translation. Made a better admin usage.


June 2015

Project owner


August 2016

As official maintener:
Added tests and runner
Django >= 1.8 fixes
Python 3 compatibility


July 2016

Project author


November 2017

Python 3 support


January 2016


December 2017

Added retry system


Febuary 2018

Project owner

Pony UnitField

March 2018

Project creator


May 2018

Added unit tests
Added CI


April 2018

Added test factories


June 2018



January 2019

- Small fixes
- Django LTS compatibility


Febuary 2019

Project author


January 2019

Added requests.Session support


October 2018

Improve performances
Improve modularity


Python for Data Science and Machine Learning at Udemy

May 2019

Matplotlib, Seaborn and Plotly
Machine Learning with SciKit Learn & TensorFlow, including:
Linear Regression
Decision Trees
Random Forests
Natural Language Processing
Neural Nets and Deep Learning
Support Vector Machines

Cloud developer at Google

March 2014

App Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery and Compute Engine



Skateboarding, hacking, photography and piano

Driving license

European car license

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